Our Values

Value I am a person of inherent worth, and I acknowledge that others have the same value. I intentionally demonstrate my value of others in my daily interactions by making their lives better in some way because they crossed my path.

Authenticity I believe in being authentic and truthful in representing myself and my business.

Integrity I walk with integrity with everyone and in everything I do, including words, deeds, financial dealings, conduct, personal relationships, and business relationships. I ensure I am always in compliance and work with the materials I am authorized to use.

Excellence I am committed to excellence in everything I do.

Accountability I am accountable for my promises and actions and to Maxwell Leadership’s Code of Ethics: learning, living, and leading the Laws of Leadership.

Responsibility Leaders are responsible, and I am a leader. I take credit for my success and my failure. I will act quickly to address issues and, more importantly, learn from my mistakes. I take responsibility for everything I do, knowing it always impacts others.

Respect I treat others as I would like to be treated as the basis of every interaction, aiming to put the other person's interests ahead of my own. By getting to know others, I can treat them as they would like to be treated based on their personality, preferences, and expectations.

Growth I am intentional about continuing to grow and develop myself and passionate about facilitating the growth and development of others. The only true failure is not learning from our experiences.

Progress Over Perfection I believe that moving forward and making progress is more important than achieving perfection. Human beings are flawed and imperfect, and we need to give grace to ourselves and others.

Strengths Over Weaknesses I believe that by honing my strengths and finding ways to intentionally use them in my daily life, I can be all that I was created to be. This is for anyone willing to understand themselves and be intentional. Focusing on strengths rather than fixing weaknesses leads to happier, healthier lives.

Business Ethics
At Positive Ripples Coaching, we are committed to these values and ethical principles, ensuring that our clients receive the highest standard of coaching and support.


  • Clarity and Understanding: Before a coaching engagement, I ensure my coaching client (and sponsor, if applicable) understands the premise of coaching, confidentiality protocol, limitations, and financial and other terms of the coaching agreement.
  • Written Agreement: I provide a written agreement outlining the roles and expectations of all parties involved before commencing the coaching engagement.
  • Confidentiality: I uphold client confidentiality, including compliance with any laws regarding personal data and communication. I do not disclose client names, situations, or information without the client's express consent.
  • Conflict of Interest: I disclose and manage conflicts of interest with transparency and professionalism.
  • Right to Terminate: I abide by the coaching agreement concerning the right of all parties to terminate the coaching relationship at any point during the coaching process.
  • Boundaries: I clearly communicate and uphold the boundaries of coaching to focus on present and future goals in the context of a healthy, functioning client emotional state.
  • Referrals: I suggest or refer clients to licensed mental health professionals who may need help working through past issues, traumas, or mental illnesses.
  • Professional Boundaries: I avoid romantic involvement with clients or sponsors and maintain appropriate boundaries.
  • Continuous Development: I engage in ongoing personal and professional development with an earnest commitment to personal excellence.
  • Honest Communication: I honestly and accurately communicate my professional experience, education, training, and any relevant qualifications.

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