Natalie Fox, founder of Positive Ripples Coaching, is passionate about helping business owners and leaders create healthy and happy workplaces.
Natalie's goal is to inspire people to be their best and give their best.
Envision a drop of water falling into a still pool; one drop and it ripples outward across the entire surface.
That drop of water is you. It's me. It's us.

We have each been gifted and made responsible for incredible power: the power to influence the lives of the people around us and to create ripples in the world of humanity. Creating positive ripples means that you use your influence to create a culture and environment in your business where everyone -- you, your employees, and your customers -- have the opportunity to be their best and give their best every day.

In addition to her Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, Natalie has 20 years of business and leadership experience.

She is certified as a DISC Consultant, CliftonStrengths Coach, 5 Languages of Appreciation Trainer, and member of the Maxwell Leadership Team. Natalie dreams of growing her business and creating a legacy that will continue to change how the world works long after she is gone.

And when she’s not helping others develop themselves and their teams, Natalie enjoys reading, watching movies, traveling, eating good food, and trying to play with her grumpy cat, Penny, whose only joy comes from tuna, laser pointers, cardboard boxes, and heated blankets.

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